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30th Apr 2016, 9:30 PM


I now have a new Patreon!  Patreon is a place where you can help me continue to create free content like Work In Progress by pledging as a patron.  It's similar to KickStarter, but instead of paying a bunch of money one time for one product, you pledge an amount of your choice every month for content that is already free.  In addition, I give rewards to patrons depending on what level you've chosen like sneak peaks of stuff I'm working on, sketches, and swag from my webcomic.  So check it out!

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24th Apr 2016, 3:30 PM

WIP logo and printing

Time for Work In Progress to have a logo!  I'm going to be printing a promotional copy up to page 14 to use as a giveaway at the next comic con I'll be tabling at, so stay tuned..



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16th Apr 2016, 10:09 PM


Hello there and welcome to Work In Progress.  

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